About Exchange, Buy or Sell

Exchange, Buy or Sell is a fun, easy to use marketplace where you can advertise items & services for sale, post about things you want to buy or even swap/exchange items and services.

The beautiful thing about EBS is that there's no fee, no registration - just post it up and see what happens! Doesn't matter where you are or what you are selling/buying/swapping (within reason). All you have to do is confirm the posting, using the link in the email that will be sent to you when you add your listing. The email you receive will also contain links that you can use to de-activate or delete your listing.

NOTE: Here at EBS we DO try to monitor ALL ads and listings and we reserve the right to remove without notice anything that we deem unsuitable or inappropriate - without question. Stick by normal, decent standards and you'll be fine.

As the EBS site and services expand, we retain the right to implement and adjust charging structures to assist in the running of the site. This may entail implementation of a membership requirement, a placement fee, or a percentage commission on transactions. We will advise on this site of any such proposed changes and existing 'free' advertisers will always have the opportunity to opt-out if they do not wish to partake in a fee-based service.

Exchange, Buy or Sell acts merely as an 'notice board' for your posts. We take no part in transactions between buyers and sellers and it is entirely the responsibility of those carrying out any transactions to perform any due diligence or checks to ensure that the transaction is satisfatory to both parties. EBS will not accept any responsibility for any transactions related to posts on this site, not are we liable for any incorrect or misleading information that a post may contain.

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